April 2017

Marcin Michalski: Luzin's theorem

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 17:15

Room: D1-215

Marcin Michalski

Title: Luzin's theorem

Abstract. In 1934 Nicolai Luzin proved that each subset of the real line can be decomposed into two full subsets with respect to ideal of measure or category. We shall present the proof of this result partially decoding his work and we will also briefly discuss possible generalizations.

Aleksander Cieślak: Indescructible tower

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 17:15

Room: D1-215

Aleksander Cieślak

Title: Indescructible tower

Abstract. Following the Kunen's construction of m.a.d. family which is indestructible over adding \(\omega_2\) Cohen reals we provide analogous construction for indestructibe tower.